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Mrs. Tomeka Marie Kimbrough-Hilson III was born in Youngstown, OH in 1974.  She attended Williamson Elementary School in Youngstown Ohio where she owned and operated her first business at the age of 6 years old and operated it for 6 years.  It was called the “Hopping Popcorn Company” and was introduced to various independent ideas of making money.   She helped her family run business at the home since she was 16 years old.  She was extremely fortunate in her community to have the internet since 1991, which has accelerated her knowledge and abilities in today's current digital/technical society.

Mrs. Kimbrough-Hilson III went on to work for several different presidential mandated platforms and worked with some of America’s most successful people such as Mr. Warren Buffet.  Her professional background has always included the black community.  She has sat on various boards that ultimately affects the black community and its risk both personally and professionally.

She started Just Think Ahead Insurance in 2007 in Atlanta GA.  JTAIO was created to help women in an industry dominated by white men.  She worked on how best to yield the concept of transferring a risk to the black community to its people without further damages.  Her patent-pending model provides content, relationships, and resources that ultimately changes the risk factors of the black community.  Creating a fairer and more unbiased risk factor.

She is the wife of Mr. Otha Hilson III and a proud mother of 5 children whom, had to overcome health issues that affected her family.  Her son was born with a heart defect and required 2 open heart surgery.  Her twins were born at 27 weeks and were in the hospital for over 30 days.  Mrs. Kimbrough-Hilson III has had to overcome obstacles of being black in America and how institutionalized racism affects all of us, not just some of us.

She ran for state office in 2017 for Georgia Insurance Commissioner to change how people use insurance and how more effectively the insurance companies could provide services for their clients, however her mom became ill, and she had to pass the baton to her colleague Janice Laws.  Utilizing her methods and model Janice Laws was able to win the primary popular vote by 65% without an endorsement from either party.

Mrs. Kimbrough-Hilson is dedicated to her community and the insurance industry by way of indemnity innovation models and practices.  She will be the leader in insurance innovation by 2025 representing the black community risk.


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