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Just Think Ahead Insurance Organization

A Non-Profit 3rd Party Administration Service Provider


Hi, I'm Tomeka,
a Business Development Specialist

with specific disciplines in Insurance, Community and Technology. I provide culturally appropriate human-center design content and processes, business process analysis, industry governance, analytics and reporting to create better outcomes for society at large.

As a Lead Investigator for Human-Subject Research under CITI, I am able to provide and connect you to the right resources you need.

What Can I Do For You?

I provide FREE Risk Assessments & Compliance Recommendations. I help the Black community, underserved and under-represented business & others reach Financial Stability. I help ALL cultures connect to their cultures trusted source. 

501 3 C Certified - VERIFY ME HERE

Administrative Support

Let us grow your bottom line with culturally appropriate administrative support.  Virtual Customer Care is important for the growth of your business and to address today's everlasting issues.  

Client Retention Services

We help your customers reach both their personal and professional goals.  We lend that extra ear to connect and relate to your customers.  Helping them make the right choices the 1st time.  Working with your local Specialist provides your customers with the "Human Experience". 

Insurance Industry 

- Insurance Companies- Client Retention 

- Insurance Professionals- Growth & Development

- Insurance Policy Makers- Rules, Regulations, Policies, Procedure, and/or Laws that are Culturally Appropriate 

Cultural Appropriation 

We provide training and our 3-E Model on addressing cultural and racial issues.  We ensure that our staff is culturally and ethically diverse to meet the needs of our society.  We use the CLAS method to deliver our training. 

Data & Research

JTAIO is the leader in data and research concerning the Black and Latino markets since 1996. We collect, analyze, assess, and measure culturally driven data. 

Economic Stability 

For ALL of US not Some of US concept to be a reality, we must address our economic disparities, at JTAIO we focus on creating more of the ALL of US concept.  We know that economic stability is the only way every person on earth can enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

What Our Clients Have to Say


Organized and Efficient

Mrs. Kimbrough-Hilson III has assisted my business with operating more effective and organized.  I have been able to grow my brand and increase my clientele.  

Jackie B.


Trusted by Companies and Entrepreneurs
Throughout the Country

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Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

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