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JTAIO provides educational grants you provide to individuals, such as scholarships, fellowships, and/or grants. The purpose of the scholarships, fellowships, and other education grants


·        Assisting Insurance Professionals with advancing their discipline not to exceed $6,000 annually

·        To Assist potential student with their state-based pre-license requirements not to exceed $750

·        If you award educational grant, you will not be required to repay the grant back at no time ever.

·        Our Program is publicized by The CIOS Group platform and only offered to its members

·        Provide copies of any solicitation or announcement materials.

·        Provide a sample copy of the application used.


·        MUST be seeking a career in the Insurance Industry or Risk Management

·        Pre-graduating high school students from ANY high school in the USA within 6 months of graduating

·        GED/High School Diploma graduate

·        Valid Driver License in the state of residence

·        Completing Profile and Assessment test

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